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The Savvi-est Entrepreneur Contest


It went from floppy, to hard, and in a flash it was gone– into the cloud. The way we store data has completely revolutionized the way we do business. As innovators we need to not only know what is most effective for our business model– but we need to know what is going to be most effective  for our business needs. And every Entrepreneur has a lot of those.

Most have yet to realize that while the idea of “the cloud” sounds nebulous, it’s benefits are very real. For starters, you can host just about anything on it. That’s right, even your tele and web services on it– for the fraction of the cost. In terms of storage it’s your virtual suitcase– just infinitely bigger. It doesn’t matter whether you’re Bill Gates or Joe Blow, extra cash in our pockets is a good thing. This article sheds some light on just some of the  cloud’s top uses.

For those of you that have already leveraged a cloud system to benefit your business, Oxford Entrepreneurs and Savvis Direct want to know how it worked out. Tell us your story in the comment box below. The savviest Entrepreneur gets the prize. And by prize we mean a smart new stereo from Jambox.

Winner will be announced March 15th.