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The Hot Seat: Dr. Jeffrey M. Gallups

Elaine LaMontagne, Hot Seat Interviewer

Elaine LaMontagne                              Hot Seat Interviewer

“Charismatic and accomplished, Dr. Gallups truly believes in embracing life and all the twists and turns along the journey. I found it serendipitous that Jeff grew up with severe allergies in Birmingham, Alabama where his allergy doctors became his academic and professional mentors. The geographic area known as the Bible belt – from Birmingham to Atlanta and Charleston to Charlotte – is the epicenter for ENT related issues because of the trees and vegetation conditions. So after med school at Emory University, Atlanta was prime and wise turf for a successful ENT practice. His life story exhibits drive, medical acuity and business acumen showcasing one who is constantly learning and reinventing himself – making him a quintessential Entrepreneur. Special note: The PRM described in one of the Hot Seat questions below is ironically an off-shoot concept coined and implemented by our own Cliff Oxford many years ago. It was called CRM (Customer Relations Management) system, a highly successful program for UPS. Keep reading to see a great example of sharing and improving amongst Entrepreneurial peers.”

Elaine LaMontagne, Hot Seat Interviewer

The Doctor of Pinterest


A familiar face and voice in the Atlanta medical community, Dr. Jeffrey Gallups is the founding partner of the Ear Nose & Throat Institute. Starting with one building and zero patients, he grew his practice to 15 locations throughout metro Atlanta, making it the largest in the region. Two years ago, Jeff chose to step back from personally treating patients to focus on being a healthcare deliverer Entrepreneur. He devotes his time to educating others, strategizing and implementing best practice services and costs for patients, as well as giving generously to his favorite charities. Espousing the medical field is 50 years behind mainstream business, he blends his medical and commerce skills for the benefit of his patients.

Q1 – You’re clearly a modern renaissance man as a physician, philanthropist and Entrepreneur. How do you organize your time to be effective in all areas? And what do you consider your primary role?

A1 – “For me, experience is the best teacher in life. Through time, I‘ve learned to maintain integrity in all decisions, trust in delegating to very capable co-workers, and prioritize responsibilities daily. My primary role is to establish and preserve a culture of delivering the highest quality healthcare in the most cost effective manner.”

Q2 – You have invested significantly in unique quality care elements – what are you most proud of in that arena?

A2 – “Two things. We have an accountable care organization for ENT health problems – surgeons, operating rooms, anasthesia and pathology teams. It’s a very high quality one-stop-shop with an all-inclusive cost. Plus, we established a PRM (Patient Relations Management) system. Basically, it’s a concierge service for patients – and internal software program which makes sure our staff follows up with all patients properly regarding medicines, procedures and referrals. These approaches have been revolutionary for our business and ultra convenient and cost efficient for our patients.”

Q3 – What are your priorities in terms of philanthropy? And, in general, do physicians perform admirably when it comes to charity?

A3 – “I use my resources to contribute to three entities – Elton John’s Aids Foundation, Murphy-Harpst Children’s Center (for the most extreme cases of child abuse and neglect in Georgia), and Woodward Academy. And yes, the vast majority of physicians extend philanthropy every single day, yet they don’t get enough credit. It’s rare for doctors to not give services to others without being paid on a regular basis. Being a doctor is truly a calling – it’s not the clergy, but it’s right behind clergy in many ways.”

Q4 – With your involvement with the Elton John Aids Foundation, have you ever met him or attended his Academy Awards Gala?

A4 – “We actually first met Sir Elton when he performed at my 40th birthday party. I’ve had the privilege of visiting him at his home in England and going to 10 of his Academy Award benefits in Hollywood. Interestingly, he comes to Atlanta more often than people realize.”

Q5 – What keeps you up at night?

A5 – “Not much, because I typically sleep seven to eight hours a night. But I do worry about the future of healthcare in this country because it’s just too expensive. The current way is not the American way, but I think in time we’ll right the ship.”

Q6 – Can you offer fellow Oxford members three tips to stay healthy?

A6 – “Sleep well, eat well and drink wine moderately but daily. Also, a fun tip for a healthy mind, particularly for those who are very visual in nature, is to use Pinterest. It’s a great app for keeping favorite quotes, ideas, goals and dreams.”

[Elaine is a former award-winning publicist who represented Macy’s, Pano Karatassos and the Buckhead Life Restaurant Group, Spa Sydell and the March of Dimes during her 20 year public relations career. Chosen one of Cosmopolitan Magazine’s “Top 10 PR Women”, Atlanta Business Chronicle’s “PR All Star” and SOS Taste of the Nation’s “National Community Business Leader of the Year”, she now freelance writes for miscellaneous publications and companies and serves on non-profit boards.]