Grow your company and improve your ability to make sales that places you among our successful legacy sales members.

RT PictureThe fastest growing demand for Entrepreneurs is the need to have an intimate strategic session for real problems that every rock and roll Entrepreneur faces. These groups are invitation only and composed of 12 hand-selected CEO members.

Super Groups were created based on three very vital abilities that are in business: the ability to grow the size of your company, the ability to grow your company at a fast rate, or your ability to make sells that places you among our successful legacy sales members.

The purpose of these meetings will be to gather as both a confidential and collaborative group of CEO Advisors for each other. For example, you will be able to seek and give advice to the group on tough questions that directly impact you as the leader of your business.

  • “I hired a Number 2 Who Can’t Do, so now what do I do?”
  • “I have to fire my CFO, so how do I break this to the banks?”
  • “Has anyone hired a National Sales Director and know what I should look for?”
  • “I’m working day and night, and my spouse doesn’t understand why. How do I explain?”
  • “I received an offer for my company. What should I do?”

Every CEO has the opportunity to present his or her biggest thoughts, problems, and ideas at each meeting, and then report on progress and changes between the meetings.  Also, each meeting will end with a special outside guest speaker on a fascinating personal growth topic designed to help Entrepreneurial leaders.

The SuperGroup involvement fee is $5,000 per year. It covers meeting logistics, meals, and materials. While we will work to get great group rates, group members are responsible for stay and travel. This fee also covers Oxford Entrepreneurs dues for 2016.

Every SuperGroup member will be required to sign an NDA, so that we all are comfortable sharing both personal and corporate information.

“My idea and vision for this group is to be a special chapter in American business on how CEOs can turn to each other to get to the next level, rather than hiring outside consultants and coaches.”

Cliff Oxford, Founder/Strategic Advisor


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