Oxford MBA

So much more than just a piece of paper.

If you simply want to prepare for the business world, an Oxford MBA isn’t for you. But if you want to become part of the business world by engaging with successful Entrepreneurs and business leaders throughout your program, the Oxford MBA may be what you have been looking for.

Many MBA programs can prepare you to enter the business world, but only the Oxford Global Entrepreneur MBA integrates you into the business world by putting you directly into the mix among CEO’s and business leaders, giving you the confidence, contacts, and leadership skills to be a business leader the day you graduate.

Discuss current business issues and gain invaluable insight from battle-tested Entrepreneurs to grow your network, improve your skills, build confidence and systematize your growth.

OxMember Benefits

CEO Apprenticeship Placement

Full Oxford Entrepreneurs Membership

“Hard Knocks” Real-World Sessions

“Go Global” International Experience

Chartered Online Learning

Fully Accredited Entrepreneurial MBA

The only fully accredited
Entrepreneurial MBA in the country

Oxford at Brenau believes in education innovations that deliver real-world results and jobs. A shining example is our MBA with CEO Apprenticeship program. The MBA accreditation was won on our unique vision and highly practical educational content for Entrepreneurs. It immerses students into business cultures of successful Entrepreneurs, working side-by-side with CEOs.

Many MBA programs can prepare you to enter the business world, but only the Oxford Global Entrepreneur MBA gives you the opportunity to see, feel, and learn what it takes to build an Entrepreneurial culture that rewards high performance.

In the fall 2012 pilot Apprentice Program, 87% of apprentices were hired by the participating CEO or by another CEO introduced during the program.

CEO Apprenticeship Program

As you complete your program with access to the Oxford Entrepreneurs, you are also assigned to work side-by-side with a successful local Entrepreneur. This is not an internship. You will be assigned a paid placement and be mentored directly by the Entrepreneur and company leadership. You’ll learn first-hand how to build your own company or play a key leadership role in a thriving Entrepreneurial venture.

“Go Global” Experience

The “Go Global” experience takes you abroad to see how international Entrepreneurs are competing in the global market. Meet with fast-growth Entrepreneurs as well as other business leaders and even government officials to understand what it takes to succeed in any environment. This trip is not required and will be offered multiple times throughout the year and last from 7-20 days depending on location etc.

Chartered-Online Learning

Academics are taken through “Chartered on-line” courses while real-world immersion takes place through Oxford Entrepreneurs activities. “Chartered-online” means real-time academic learning with scheduled classes and direct interactions with faculty and Entrepreneurial leaders.

To find our more, or to apply, visit www.oxford.brenau.edu