Never Forget, Boston Scientific Acquires Augmenix, China Prepares to Ask WTO for Sanctions Permission, Nike on the Rebound and The Mars Explorer One (Brought to You By McDonald’s)

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Daylight – Millennial Matt here, writing today’s Morning Report.

Being from Washington DC and nearly two decades after hearing my third-grade teacher explaining why such a horrible thing could happen, I remember hearing the classroom across the hall playing the live coverage on the radio. The reporter tried to keep her composure as hundreds of fire trucks swarmed to the burning World Trade Center towers. Someone in the desk behind me kept saying, Everything’s different now. We can all come together on this day as Americans, memorializing those lost in solicitude.

Economics – China preps to ask permission from the WTO to impose sanctions on the US.

In a matter of days, Nike has erased the losses from the backlash to the Kaepernick campaign. Up 18 percent from a week ago.

A good follow-up question is the campaign’s staying power. What else they have planned for Kaepernick has yet to be seen. If nothing else materializes for the former quarterback, the campaign will be seen as a favorable bump in sales and PR. I say go after small colleges to extend the message.

By the way, they might be in a bind with Serena Williams who went off on an umpire in the the US Open final, which she lost. No one came out favorably from that exchange. Doesn’t fit the noble, outspoken athlete vibe when you go off on a tirade. Consistency of brand is king.

M&A – Boston Scientific agreed to acquire Augmenix, a developer of radiation oncology products to treat prostate cancer. The deal includes $500 million in cash, and up to $100 million based on milestones.

Vista Equity Partners acquired Alegeus, a consumer-directed healthcare payment and processing firm, from Lightyear Capital.

IF&P Foods, acquired Cibus Fresh, a food service company.

Style – Where Cliff explained betting on controversy on the Left in terms of Kap, the despicable and unconventional Entrepreneur Alex Jones on the far-far-Right was years ahead of Nike. He monetized controversy by agitating angry white men with flimsy, tin foil hat facts while selling $20 million worth of male supplements that have little to no proof of working – selling the fountain of youth all over again.

Word of the Day: Solicitude [səˈlisəˌt(y)o͞od/] noun

care or concern for someone or something.

Live Rounds – Update on Hurricane Florence – Towns of Duck and Corolla in North Carolina were issued a mandatory evacuation as the storm strengthened to a Category 4. Anyone in the Coastal Carolinas area should heed the instructions of local and federal authorities. Please be careful.

Top-dog food companies like Chobani, Land O’ Lakes and Chipotle are giving incubator funds to food start-ups. They say they want young businesses to thrive, but in reality they want to see how smaller companies respond to trends so they can learn more from their Entrepreneurial hustle.

These companies are introducing products at farmers markets in places like NYC’s Union Square Park instead of having trials, tests and focus groups. These start-ups also employ innovative ways to deal with food waste which has become a top priority for the likes of Chipotle whose food quality and waste protocol came into question since people started getting sick.

By the way, Subway franchisees were livid at the reintroduction of the $5 foot-long deal, their margins did not add up well. They now have the choice whether to have the deal or not.

Buzzard’s Roost – The Mars Explorer One (Brought to you by McDonald’s) – NASA is exploring the option of letting private companies sponsor and tack their names onto rockets and satellites.  

Hot – Snapchat’s chief strategy officer, Imran Khan, announced that he was leaving the company in the wakes of their CFO and Chief of Product announcing their exits as well. Something’s rotten – haven’t had a designated COO since 2015. Shares fell 2 percent yesterday.  

As Trump presses Apple to assemble their products in American factories, it comes with a catch. iPhone prices would spike up by 20 percent.

New study just in – what do employees rank as the top office perk – natural light in abundance. It also raises productivity as high as 37 percent. Invest in windows – humans need it as much as flowers. It’s also the best alarm clock.

Culture – John Legend is the first black man to be part of the EGOT Club, those who have won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony in their career.

One of the few remaining “Renaissance men” in the arts which adds a new level of marketability for opportunity – it’s why he got the lead in Jesus Christ Superstar. Versatility and an interdisciplinary skill-set lowers barriers to entry. Can’t work for Buzzfeed if you don’t know how to edit videos.

Investment Banking – JMC Capital Partners acquired Phoenix Products, a maker of rugged industrial lighting products.

Hedge Funds – The Carlyle Group acquired a significant minority stake in Ambio Holdings a peptide active pharmaceutical ingredient contract development and manufacturing organization, from MVM Partners.

IPO – Kodiak Sciences, a Phase 1 biotech developing treatments for macular degeneration, filed for a $100 million IPO.

Venture Capital – PagerDuty, a digital operations management platform, raised $90 million.

MasterClass, a website that features celebrity-taught classes, raised $80 million.

Sonatype, a provider of automated open source governance, raised $80 million.

Clarify Health Solutions, a developer of real-time care guidance technology, raised $57 million.

Spyce, a restaurant featuring a robotic kitchen that cooks meals to order, raised $21 million.

ParkWhiz, a parking app, raised $20 million.

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