Morning Report

What you need to know one minute before daylight
August 23, 2017
Glacier National Park Morning

Plaza Up for Sale, Whole Foods Dance, Hallmark Up, NAFTA Surprise, Spotlight Quiz, Jeep on Chopping Block

Good Wednesday Morning,   Daylight – I have a lot of emotions and connections to this place, so I am going to make a bigger deal out of it than...
August 22, 2017

Trading Space, Wind-Down Deal, Cell Phone Number Hack, Nick Saban Style, Nashville Now

Good Tuesday Morning,   Daylight – Space brings out the best in us. We stood, stared, smiled and united in a big awe during Monday’s celestial spectacle. If you missed it, mark...
August 21, 2017

Sex in the Sky, Hell or High Water Entrepreneur Channel Goes Live in Nashville, United Claims Buys INETICO, Prodigy Peer Lender and Entrepreneur Entertainment Winner

Good Monday Morning,   Daylight – You think we are jaded about the solar eclipse, the Arapaho Plains Indians called it – Sex in the Sky...
August 21, 2017
Summer Sunrise in Nashville, Tenn.

Bitcoin’s $5K Run, Drug Dealing in the Philippines, North Korea in Reverse..for Now, Bezos Breakfast, and Netflix VPN War

Good Thursday Morning from Nashville,   My name is Michael Gargiulo. I am the CEO at Happy to be bringing you this edition of the Morning...
August 21, 2017

Big Ass Article, Fix Dick’s Sinking Sales, King Owns It All, Poncho is Best Company Name of the Year and Smilo Soothes $3.25 Million

Good Wednesday Morning,   Daylight – Our friends at Big Ass Fans in Lexington, Ky. are front and center of NYTimes this morning as an example...
August 15, 2017
Maine Morning

Action in Charlottesville, Entrepreneurs Overdose on Results, Cremation Business Will Rise, Rovio Goes IPO

Good Tuesday Morning,   Daylight – By last count this morning, three CEOs, including the founder of Under Armour, stepped down from Trump’s advisory council in response...
August 14, 2017
Maranda Donato & Grant Schuette

New Number 2 Duties, Grant on Wall Street, Guaranteed Founder Floor, Randall Rocks at Mill Town Concert and Spotlight Picture Perfect

Good Monday Morning,   Daylight – Maybe, General Kelly’s job, chief of staff for Donald Trump, is the most apt analogy for the role of our new colleague, Maranda Donato,...
August 10, 2017

Uber Goes Nuclear, Facebook Shoots at YouTube, Snap is Cracking, SoundCloud Might Pop and Coinbase Raises $100 Million

Good Friday Morning,   It’s Tucker Max, filling in for Cliff. Feel free to send your feedback to and follow me on Twitter here.   Daylight – The big news this...
August 10, 2017
Guam Morning

Blue Apron Out of the Gate, Lego Stumbles on New CEO, Ralph Lauren’s Strawberry Sundae vs Drugstore Cowboy and Tree Zero Looks Ahead

Good Thursday Morning,   Blue Apron is climbing quickly this morning in premarket trade after the meal-kit company beat Q2 revenue expectations in its first report...
August 9, 2017
Key Largo Morning

Big Chill Breaks Up Party, Hostile Entrepreneurs Turn It Around, Trademark Fight Over Zero, 2 Top Marketing Talents Move to AMPS Team

Good Wednesday Morning. Hostility hanging in the air.   Daylight – Are You Sure Lincoln Did It This Way? – Overnight and after President Trump threatened...
August 9, 2017
South Dakota Morning

Rosé Rally in Biker Valley, Blackwater Prince is Back in Business, Netflix Buys 1st Company in Its 20-Year History and Pilotless Plane Saves Airlines $35 Billion

Good Tuesday Morning,   Daylight – Three First-Timers This Morning – Known a lot more for Jack and Coke and t-shirts, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, which...
August 7, 2017

Bolt of Respect, Accenture Buys Search Technologies, Scientology Strategy, Starbucks Syndrome

Good Monday Morning,   It’s Laura Zander, filling in for Cliff. Feel free to reach out on Twitter (@zander_laura), but with an 8-year-old son, a co-founder...
August 4, 2017
New England Morning

esla’s Dime, GrubHub Buys Yelp’s Delivery, Sugarfina Raises $35 Million and Oscar’s Dicey Gamble

Good Friday Morning,   Daylight – You know who doesn’t spend a dime on advertising – Tesla. On their new mainstream Model 3, customers have put...
August 3, 2017
Utah Morning

Throwdown in Silicon Valley, Who’s Going to Fill Weight Watcher’s Shoes, Wide Open West Sale, E-Gate Steal, Madrid 4-Hour Wait

Good Thursday Morning,   Daylight – What started out as a backyard bbq has turned into the biggest Silicon Valley throwdown since the days of Gates...
August 2, 2017
Meet Me in Montana Morning

Sell Under Armour Tomorrow, Church’s Chicken Goes on Offense, Jim Dandy Shrimp, and Booster Raises $20 Million

Good Wednesday Morning,   Daylight – Should Kevin Plank sell Under Armour or what? It’s like watching the finest grapes die on the vine. Yesterday, the...
August 1, 2017
Yellowstone Daylight

Take Mooch Over Pooch, Sun Rises in Spain, Netflix Sin, Purple Mattress and Green Bay Grin

Good Tuesday Morning,   Daylight – I don’t know who could have had a worse Monday – Scaramucci getting fired or SnapChat shares dropping 20 percent...
July 31, 2017
Minnesota Daylight

TV Signals, ET Antennas, Big Deals, Wells Jails, Rocky Top Ain’t No Electric Bill

Good Monday Morning,    Daylight – Call it the Netflix effect or whatever, they got it done and it is a big deal – Discovery agrees...
July 28, 2017

New Wave Entrepreneurs, Stripe Buys Payable, Facebook is King Kong, Taco Mode Turns Revenue

Good Friday Morning,   Daylight – A new business wave is sweeping the country in the rise of a new Entrepreneurial class: Artists, Actors, Entertainers and...
July 25, 2017
Red River Valley Morning

Michael Kors Buys Jimmy Choo, Try Trifecta, Roam Fitness Between Flights, Huffington’s Brilliant Jerk Campaign

Good Tuesday Morning. In the wee hours of the morning, they signed the dotted line – Michael Kors agrees to buy Jimmy Choo for $1.2 billion....
July 24, 2017
Santa Fe Mornings

WebMD Sold Just in Time, $3 Dollar Hall Mark TV Bundle, Dingo Blew It, Mooch is In, Hill Agency is Out

Good Monday Morning,   Daylight – Over the weekend, WebMD Health Corporation and its sister sites, and, struck a deal to be sold to...
July 21, 2017
Everglades Morning

YogaWorks Pulls IPO, Ritz Enters Cruise Business, Smack Kills Deals, DocASAP Up and Running

Good Friday Morning,   Daylight – YogaWorks postpones planned IPO – Investors aren’t exactly bending over backwards for the latest IPO. YogaWorks, a yoga instruction company...
July 20, 2017
Arizona Daylight

2nd Time Around, Tech Alamo, Facebook Makes Up with Publishers, Plastic Parts, MPE Rolls the Dice on Dreamline

Good Thursday Morning,   Daylight – Don’t make me get into stats on the second and third marriages, but this second love affair with tech stocks...
July 19, 2017
Cumberland Gap Daylight

Spicy Deals, Streaks for Goldman and Megyn, Silk Road Medical Raises $47 Million, On-Demand Starts Now

Good Wednesday Morning,   Daylight – Two losing streaks going strong this morning provide Entrepreneurs with two lessons. First, never lose your Day 1 startup scrappiness...
July 18, 2017
Outback Daylight

Belly Flop Strategy, Schwab Strong, Sony Buys Believe Digital, Dress Code Danger and Redfin IPO

Good Tuesday Morning,   Daylight – A belly flop mistake was made yesterday at 2 p.m. Uber made in-app tipping available everywhere in the U.S. It’s...
July 17, 2017
Point Reyes National Seashore Morning

Deal Deluge, Delta/Coulter Twitter Crisis, Saucey, Plum Raise New Sums, Taylor English Hits High Notes on Growth

Good Monday Morning,   Daylight – As good as it gets or maybe compulsive gambling can explain the deluge of deals that flooded the streets last...
July 13, 2017
Sun Valley Sunrise

Sun Valley Deal Surprise, Moon Express Takes Off, Visa Offers Restaurants Deal of Lifetime, Colette Says No

Good Thursday Morning,   Daylight – Two big things happened in business yesterday – one social in Sun Valley and one serious in North Carolina, where...
July 12, 2017
Los Osos, Morro Bay Sunrise

Founder Flies, Freaks and Geeks, Vintage Capital Offers Rent-A-Center $800 Million, LA has Olympics in Bag

Good Wednesday Morning,   Daylight – Two Bi-Coastal Decisions Yesterday – On the Pacific coast, Uber’s CEO committee of five met and decided to dramatically deploy...
July 12, 2017
Destin, Fla. Daylight

America’s International Entrepreneurs Put on Notice, Siemens Gomer Game, Apollo Bets on Golf, YogaWorks Sells 5 Million Shares

Good Tuesday Morning. Don’t think for a second yesterday was just another day at the office or through the airport. Two Big Boy Entrepreneur decisions came...
July 12, 2017
Indonesian Sunrise

Oscar’s Marketing Mentality, It’Sugar Sold, McMansions Back and MD Beach Certified

Good Monday Morning,   Daylight – A social media sensation hit the air this weekend when Oscar Mayer, now owned by Kraft Heinz, said the company...
July 12, 2017
Mornings in New Mexico

Jay Z and Hank Say Mind Your Own Business, Buckhead Club Steps Up, Taylor English Good Guys Finish First, Silver Lake Buys a Place For Mom

Good Friday Morning,   Daylight – President Trump meets Putin today, but the bigger contest and feat of sportsmanship is the Tour de France whizzing through...