Lending Club Steps into No Man’s Land, Razor Sharp Sales, Tesla’s Fantasy Valuation, Low-Ball Offers

Good Monday Morning,

Daylight – An Answer on Aisle 7 – In a river of fog forever with Amazon, retailers have been trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat, and Target showed some numbers this weekend that had some magic at least on one aisle. Target has partnered with two subscription-based online razor brands, Harry’s and Bevel, brokering exclusive deals to be the only brick and mortar retailer to carry their products. Bullseye.

Today, 15 percent of Target’s cartridges now come from Harry’s. Totally unexpected, longtime king of the razor aisle, Procter & Gamble, has seen Gillette razor sales rise at Target during the same time. More people in the aisle give everybody the opportunity to increase sales. Harry’s is in 1800 Target stores, while Bevel has launched in 450. Harry’s and Bevel said their retail business is “incredibly profitable,” even though this is the first time either company has carried an AR. Meanwhile, not so much magic fashion at Nordstrom. The high-end retailer released its version of pre-fab mud-covered jeans: cost $425. Serious push back on social media – not so much on price, but more about the mud being synthetic. So, the fog gets thicker in Seattle, home of Nordstrom’s, and thins out in Minneapolis, Minn., Target’s HQ…