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Fast Five


1. Cassandra Whipple, Oxford Entrepreneurs

“Harder than I thought” would be the only way to describe the talent hunt to replace Nicole who I thought was an all pro with our members. And this is what it took as a headline: Major League Motivated Millennial Pharma Sales Leader Who Spends Spare Time Finding Medical Care For Home Less. Please welcome our new Membership Director.



2. Jennifer Pene

We celebrated the big news with a plate of Meat Loaf at the OK Cafe because “Two out of Three Ain’t Bad”. Two Oxford Entrepreneurs Members Zifty and ENT Institute named and honored in the 1st annual Forbes 25. Consequently, Jim Murphy, CEO of the third Forbes 25 company signed up for our last RoundTable. Next year let’s earn 5 on the Forbes 25. Thanks to Forbes for looking at companies beyond Silicon Valley and Alley.



3. Our last RoundTable on January 22

Can you I-SPY the 2 Entrepreneurs of the year by Entrepreneur Magazine, Two Forbes 25 companies and 7 successful exits in last 15 months. On a proportional percentage basis, our members are successfully exiting at a 350 percent rate faster than the general economy of Entrepreneurs. It has a lot more to do with the attraction and selection of fast growth Entrepreneurs on the front end than anything we are doing on the back-end.


4. SuperGroups

SuperGroups have been Super for Entrepreneurs running companies and thanks to Dr Ed Schrader, President of Brenau who helped us hone in on the specificity of problem solving and Wayne Kurzen for the structure. Lee Heisman and Marilyn Whitbeck for the enthusiastic support and backup.


5. What the major media is not covering but Members are:

The oil patch, basically Texas to North Dakota, members like Mark Adler in Houston and Shelton Taylor in S.Dakota say the collapse in oil prices is gouging their business into a deep recession. The smart money says oil will stay low until 2018. Don’t bet any money on it because it has been proven that commodity oil trading is basically rigged many hedge funds.


Last Fast Note:

Don’t Slow Down — growing too fast is a myth explains Bedros Keuilian, founder and CEO of the world’s fastest growing indoor fitness boot camp franchise: Fit Body Boot Camp, makes the case in Chief Executive magazine that you not slow down.


Cliff Notes:

If you have anyone in your company wringing their hands and talking about slowing down rather than discussing how do we stay ahead, then you have yourself either a born middle manager or a brilliant jerk. In fast growth, they have to go.