We have some exciting news to share. On November 1, the Oxford Center will become part of a brand new community of businesses called 21 Hats: What It Takes to Run a Business.

Everyone who has been part of the Oxford Center will get a free one-year subscription to 21 Hats, which normally costs $295. Our goal is to make 21 Hats the preeminent community of business owners. We will feature news articles, interviews, case studies, podcasts, how-to guides, a SiriusXM radio show, webinars, a 24-hour hotline and more. But the most important element of 21 Hats will be you -- a community of actual business owners who will have the opportunity to create a profile page, participate in user forums, connect with other members and attend special events.

The 21 Hats website is still under construction, but you can keep tabs on our progress by signing up for the recently rebranded 21 Hats Morning Report ( and by following us on Twitter (@21_hats and @lfeldman). We will also have a placeholder site up at Please let us know if you have any questions. And see you soon at!