Deans and Bankers New Kin, Biz Opp – One in Five Americans Now Have Tattoos, Time is on Clear’s Mind and Apple Buys Texture

Good Tuesday Morning,

Daylight – Business school deans and M&A bankers have something in common this morning and that is they need to add a new word to their textbooks and vocabulary – CIFA: the government panel that reviews deals for national security concerns, which President Trump leaned on to kill the Broadcom/Qualcomm deal, citing their relationships with “third party entities.” This is much bigger than a one-off or even tariffs because it is like hanging a big “Not for Sale Sign” on international deals involving American companies and a huge power play by an American President.

By the way, Trump canned Rex Tillerson this morning and replaced him right away with Mike Pompeo. My guess is CNBC Wall Street host Larry Kudlow will be the new Treasury head. President watches him everyday on TV and Kudlow was his top adjunct economic adviser during the campaign.  

M&A – Apple said yesterday that it was buying Texture, the so-called “Netflix of magazines.”

Gen Cap America acquired CoreMedical Group, a healthcare staffing and recruiting agency specializing in travel.

Style – The French colonists came upon an elevated bank along the Mississippi River and they all thought it had the dry ground fit for a colonial city. So, later in 1718, the French governor Jean Baptiste named the site Nouvelle Orleans – exactly where we will hold a Commerce dinner the evening of March 29 in the Crescent room of our partner, the Ritz Carlton. Member and special guest Al Holloway, chairman of TIPAAA – The Independent Physician Association of America, will be in attendance.  

Economics – One in 5 American adults now have a tattoo and not yet a painless laser removal – great business for the future.

Live Rounds – Below, Clear (facial and fingerprint airport security) did a nice job teeing off the time change for a marketing campaign. By the way, NY Times did a story on faster airport lines and they stuffed Clear at the bottom of story- what do you do? Pick up the phone and call the reporter and then follow up with email that shows why you should have been at the top.

We all just lost an hour

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Buzzard’s Roost – He was considered the greatest American opera conductor since Leonard Bernstein, but last night the Metropolitan Opera signed the final paperwork to fire conductor James Leonard for “abusive and sexual harassment” conduct. Can’t have anything nice.  

Hot – Goldman Sachs has settled on its next leader. He moonlights as a DJ. The surprise retirement announcement of the top insider executive at Goldman cleared the path for David M. Solomon who was the outsider in the race against the lifer.

Solomon backed Goldman’s move into consumer lending with its new division called Marcus which makes loans to Joe Blow. Goldman’s numbers have been strong for the new branch so insiders lost out, looking like a banker of the past. He told the management committee if he didn’t get the top job he would resign, which is not small thing since he was both a veteran banker and trader.

Culture – 40 years ago tonight, Animal House had its opening premiere where a 19 year-old waiter who was taking acting classes at night, Kevin Bacon (Chip Diller – Thank you sir, may I have another?), stood in line with other attendees to get in the theater, until Tim Matheson (Otter) pulled him over to the red carpet to walk in. By the way, the idea of Animal House was created because a new show called Saturday Night Live was raiding the talent from National Lampoon magazine, which promised if the remaining writers did not leave – they could work on a movie which none had ever done. By the way, Otter turned 70 this year.

Investment Banking – Clearlake Capital Group acquired Provation Medical, a provider of clinical decision support and procedure documentation solutions.

Hedge Funds – MPK Equity Partners and AHR Growth Partners made an investment in Urban Air Adventure Park, an operator and franchisor of active family entertainment centers.

IPO – IHS Towers, Africa’s largest telecommunication-towers company, is planning an IPO in New York, and MTN Group, which owns about 29 percent of it, could sell a stake worth about $2.3 billion.

BioXcel Therapeutics, a firm seeking AI solutions to neurological disorders, said it will raise $60 million in an IPO of 5.5 million shares priced at $11.

Venture Capital – Magic Leap has raised more than $2.3 billion in funding to date and still has not shipped a single virtual headset to date. The company’s Magic Leap One “Creator Edition” is supposedly going to see a 2018 release, but there are still plenty of unanswered questions that the company has yet to publicly acknowledge.

ViewPoint Therapeutics, a developer of crystallin stabilizers to prevent and treat cataracts and presbyopia, raised $35 million.

Radiology Partners, a radiology practice, raised $234 million.

Rent the Runway, a renter of designer dresses, clothing, and accessories for women, raised $20 million.

KIXEYE, a developer of online combat strategy games, raised $20 million.

Interior Define, a custom furniture retailer, raised $15 million.

Ponddy Education, a provider of personalized language learning, raised $6 million.

Smartcare, a provider of cloud-based solutions for child care centers, raised $6 million.

Blast, a gamification company, raised $5 million.

Smarter Sorting, a reuse solution for household hazardous waste, raised $5 million.

Unearth, a company focused on place-based progress documentation solution to commercial and civic construction projects, raised $3 million.

Spotlight – 1) Hope VIP Reception, March 26, 4:00 p.m. Members complimentary.

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March 29, 7:30 p.m. New Content: Crossing the Chasm and meet TIPAAA Chairman Al Holloway.

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Private Equity – Searchlight Capital Partners invested $150 million in Global Eagle Entertainment, a provider of media, content, connectivity and data analytics to various markets.

Stone Point Capital acquired a majority stake in Genex Services, a provider of cost containment services for the workers’ compensation, disability and auto industries.

And that’s what’s ahead, Cliff