China’s Five-Decade Masterpiece Coming Undone, Lady Gaga Underrated, Neanderthal Flu Shot and ZipRecruiter Raises $156 Million

Good Monday Morning,

Daylight – It’s Columbus Day, Canada’s Thanksgiving and a new China Syndrome – announced it was injecting $175 billion dollars to prop up a wobbly Chinese economy and lighten the load of jobs leaving the country because of tariffs.  

Live Rounds – China’s five decade masterpiece was to rig an entire global supply chain to run through their country where they had it both ways – tariffs on you – not on me. It’s coming undone.

This morning they are threatening a new card with Trump – not financing corporate mergers like the Disney/Comcast Deal. If they mention the T Bill, it’s a financial meltdown to the ground.  

Hot – Probably what really is on Trump’s mind this morning is Nashville mega-star Taylor Swift broke her usual silence on politics and went all-in on an endorsement of the Democratic senate candidate over the Republican, Marsha Blackburn. Good choice Taylor, Phil Bredesen has been excellent for Entrepreneurs in Nashville.

By the way, could have seen this coming – Lady Gaga is now a movie star. She stole the show in “A Star is Born” and she co-wrote the song “Shallow”, but she’s a super salesperson – usually selling I’m free and you can be too, but in this movie she sells fame is a lot of hard work and disappointments along the way.

She can sell anything. Her talent has been underrated by Hollywood executives. Bradley Cooper saw her perform at a cancer benefit and drove to her house the next day in Malibu and offered her the role. They ate spaghetti on her back porch.

M&A – Walgreens invests in Birchbox, the cosmetic delivery service similar to Dollar Shave Club. I could see this cannibalizing their in-store cosmetics sales. Necessities are moving toward a convenient subscription service anyway. Good move by Walgreens to get ahead of the curve.

Gerber Technology acquired Avametric, a developer of cloth simulation technology.

Cognizant agreed to acquire Softvision, a digital engineering and consulting company focused on agile development of innovative software solutions and platforms.

Campbell’s Soup is in talks to sell its fresh-foods business, including Bolthouse Farms.  

Style – Member Andy Rudd, co-Founder of DaVinci Donuts should fly straight to Costa Mesa, California and visit SideCar Doughnuts and try their basil eggs benedict donut, a soft poached egg inside a donut with basil hollandaise and Canadian bacon. Bring it home and all your stores will have lines 10 miles-long. Copy and upgrade one idea from your competition in 4th qtr.  

Economics – Leaving no stone unturned – For decades, David Mazurek used a rock as a doorstop – perfectly sensible thing to do. It turns out, however, that the rock is actually the sixth largest meteorite to ever be found in Michigan, and it’s worth $100,000. I bet he won’t be using it for a doorstep anymore.  

Buzzard’s Roost – An app called SnapCrap is trying to solve the feces problem on San Francisco’s streets.

Culture – Neanderthal Flu Shot – Scientists have just made a remarkable genetic discovery of a sliver of sexually transmitted Neanderthal DNA that prevents viruses from popping up every day like herpes and HIV. We have wondered since 1950 how the homo sapien population fell to possibly a couple of dozen on the planet and then spiked while the Neanderthal population became totally extinct, except for possible isolated sightings in southern Georgia, where I’m from. You can thank us later.

By the way, the genetic medicine to prevent viruses cultivates the antibodies in the mucous that we generate in our nose during a cold. That’s right – when you blow your nose you are spewing out the body’s self-medication to heal you and then you buy “thermal flu” which, according to medical science, probably will make it worse. In school, Willie Jackson was called Neanderthal for never blowing his nose. I often think about Willie Jackson.

Investment Banking – Innovatus Capital Partners agreed to invest up to $42 million to Personal Genome Diagnostics, a developer of tissue-based and liquid biopsy technologies for cancer genomics. Catching cancer early can soon be more than just a yearly physical, good diet and being mindful of health.

Hedge Funds – The Riverside Company sold Global Orthopaedic Technologies, a maker of orthopedic implants, to Corin Orthopaedic Holdings.

IPO – Elastic, a search software firm raised $252 million in an IPO after posting a loss of $52.7 million.

Venture Capital – ZipRecruiter, an online employment marketplace, raised $156 million. ZipRecruiter outsources company’s hiring process by letting a third-party determine the best candidates based on companies’ preferences. Much like a Facebook algorithm.

Yale University started a new fund that is going to put $400 million in digital assets. Yale is known for investing in a little bit of everything from Puerto Rican bonds to New Hampshire timber property.

Stay Alfred, a hospitality startup, raised $47 million.

SpinCar, a provider of digital automotive merchandising software, raised $22 million.

Rylo, a camera device to capture photos and for shooting 360-degree videos, raised $20 million. Can you imagine doing the 360-degree view from Facebook and being able to do it on your own? Just throw in some Futurus VR goggles.

Strivr, a provider of immersive virtual reality training, raised $16 million.

Randori, a developer of an attack platform, raised $9.75 million.

Lilt, an AI-enabled translation platform, raised $9.5 million.

Authentic4D, a provider of medical imaging review technology and resolution services for casualty insurance claims, raised $5 million.

FactoryFour, a developer of software solutions that manage and automate manufacturing processes, raised $5 million.

Carepoynt, a digital health startup, raised $5 million.

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