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December 18, 2012

Are you the poor buyer or the Marlboro man seller?

Many Entrepreneurs don’t know why it is important to negotiate from a positive position rather than the negative.  It may mean the difference between closing the...
December 18, 2012

How to Create Legions of Customers

Have you identified your company’s untapped niche?  Do you know how to create legions of new customers?  Learn how to corner a previously untapped market and...
December 18, 2012

Strong Message, Wrong Messenger

Most companies have strong marketing messages, but what happens when they use the wrong messenger? In this video, learn why it is critical to your message...
December 18, 2012

Brand Positioning to Increase Sales

Do you know where your company sits on the brand positioning chart? What about your competitors? In this video, learn how to position your company on...
December 18, 2012

Building Your Brand – Marketing Musts!

An explanation of the importance of building your brand when it comes to marketing.
December 18, 2012

The Two Most Important Words in Your Messaging

Do your employees know how to answer the question “what does your company do?” If you asked them for two words that describe your business, would...
December 18, 2012

Be First in the Market as a Second Stage Company

When you are first to market, it’s easier to get into the minds of your customers. As a second stage company, you must be first to...
December 18, 2012

How Marketing Moves the Revenue Needle

One of the biggest mistakes marketing managers make is to overstate marketing.  In a second stage growth company, marketing should always be understated. In this video,...
December 18, 2012

Overthinking Clever, it Doesn’t Work!

CMOs and Marketing Managers often overthink marketing. They try to be too cute, and most of the time, they miss their mark completely. Learn how NOT...
December 18, 2012

How to Select YOUR Pricing Strategy

What is the biggest mistake 7 out of 10 companies make?  Pricing – learn how you can avoid making that same mistake.
December 18, 2012

Humor in Marketing – Don’t Let it Bomb

Humor can be an attention grabber in your marketing message, but what happens when humor goes awry? Consumers will remember your company, but not in a...
December 18, 2012

Leadership – Context or Control?

How do you define leadership?  Do you create context for your employees or do you try to control them?  In this video, learn how to create...
December 18, 2012

Which do you need in a growth company – management or charisma?

Do Entrepreneurs need both management AND charisma or is one more important than the other? The answer depends on the stage of your company.  Learn which...
December 18, 2012

Three Challenges of a Visionary

Visionaries face many challenges. In this video, we identify the top 3 challenges and the best approach to tackle each.
December 18, 2012

Which is Better – Management or Charisma?

Video Description Here.
December 18, 2012

The Mindset of an Entrepreneur

As an Entrepreneur, it is critical to get into the right mindset. Your employees will count on it. Is it important that you know what you’re...
December 18, 2012

Key Driver to Innovation

There are 4 common drivers to innovation that most Entrepreneurs possess. Learn about these drivers and identify yours.
December 18, 2012

Always be Hiring – Real Life Resources

The number one role for an Entrepreneur is to always be hiring. Entrepreneurs must always be on the lookout for new hires so they don’t miss...