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Atlanta Entrepreneurs Put Feet On Cuban Soil With a Very Different Agenda

Havana, Cuba (October 2, 2015) Oxford Entrepreneurs is leading an Entrepreneurial brigade through Cuba with a dynamic educational and cultural agenda.

A large group of American Entrepreneurs from Oxford Entrepreneurs, an Atlanta-based membership organization of fast-growth CEOs and business leaders, stepped off a plane from Miami into the Havana airport for an educational exploration October 1 – 4, 2015.

Using Cuba Travel Services, the Entrepreneurs are seeking a very different agenda on the four-day trip in Havana, which so far has included a visit to a famous Havana cigar factory, a meeting with Cuban-American Hugo Cancio of OnCuba Magazine (pictured above), an exploration of Hemingway’s Cuban villa, and much more.

“Most often American business people go to Cuba looking for American opportunities. We’re interested in helping Cuban emerging Entrepreneurs with Cuban opportunities,” says Cliff Oxford, founder of Oxford Entrepreneurs.

Designed to be an educational trip exploring business and Entrepreneurialism in Cuba, the Oxford Entrepreneurs intend to engage with Cuban business people, while enjoying the beautiful climate and culture of Havana. For more information about the trip, click here.