Airbnb Hosts Revolt, Sugarcoat New Shake Shack, Missing Flounder and Slack Deal

Good Monday Morning,


Daylight – When the Fire Goes Out, Deals Get Done – A motivated buyer, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, and a ready-seller, Whole Foods’ CEO John Mackey, got to “yes” in less than two weeks of serious talks. Mackey was a founder who returned to the scene as CEO and couldn’t get anything done, such as keeping a hot seller on the shelves at the stores, and he recently ripped his activist investors as “greedy bastards.”


He was ready to go. Tech Entrepreneurs like Bezos have an attitude that we can fix anything in any industry, so he bought Whole Foods to tinker with a grocery shopping experience, which by the way is broken online and on the floor at the store – a waste of time. It’s the biggest reason why Delivery Hero, founded in Germany, aims to raise $1.1 billion in an IPO and will be the fourth major online food delivery company to go public in the last three years.


Of course, all weekend long, all you heard about is the “culture crash” when the Austin Whole Foods team shows up in Seattle at Amazon HQ. I’ll go the other way. Something tells me the hippies and nerds will get along just fine. Miracles happen in the strangest of places…