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Join our exclusive network of elite emerging business men and women and push yourself to new heights.

Not just a group,
it’s a warrior tribe.

Oxford Center for Entrepreneurs is a an exclusive membership community that brings together second stage and high growth CEO entrepreneurs interested in accelerating their growth through education, shared insights and commerce connections that push their thinking and businesses forward.

We support our Members with our no-nonsense Know-Grow-Exit education and Entrepreneur Briefings that feature leading CEOs that have grown multi-million and billion dollar companies. Oxford events provide education on contemporary business issues. More intimate SuperGroups comprise a diverse group of business leaders that meet monthly to share insights and challenge each other. Oxford Growth Paks and books arrive on Member front doors each month providing mental nutrition to stimulate fast growth.

Oxford M&A advisory services are available for Members who need expert help to move quickly and safely through the process of selling their company or acquiring another. We manage M&A activities as entrepreneurs, not investment bankers, to help Members successfully exit or strategically acquire without drama.

Member Benefits

Invitation to quarterly Oxford Entrepreneur Briefings

Invitation to bi-monthly Oxford Commerce Dinners

Access to Oxford Know-Grow-Exit education platform

Access to Oxford Marketplace featuring B2B business connections and sales leads

Premium access to Morning Report

Bi-monthly Oxford Growth Pak mailed to your front door

Bi-monthly Entrepreneur’s Library Book Club mailing from Advantage|ForbesBooks

Bi-monthly Insights with Experts Q&A webinar facilitated by Cliff Oxford

Access to Oxford M&A business valuation and advisory services

Up to 50% discount at Ritz-Carlton US business hotels

Member Levels


Oxford Essentials membership includes the following benefits:

    • Invitation to quarterly Oxford Entrepreneur Briefings
    • Access to Oxford Know-Grow-Exit education platform
    • Access to Oxford Marketplace featuring B2B business connections and sales leads
    • Premium access to Morning Report
    • Bi-monthly Oxford Growth Pak mailed to your front door
    • Bi-monthly Entrepreneur’s Library Book Club mailing from Advantage|ForbesBooks
    • Access to Oxford M&A business valuation and advisory services
    • Up to 50% discount at Ritz-Carlton US business hotels


Oxford Premier membership includes all benefits of Essentials membership AND:

Bi-monthly Insights with Experts webinar facilitated by Cliff Oxford

Insights with Experts are bi-monthly education webinars led by our founder Cliff Oxford. Each webinar features a leading CEO guest that has grown a multi-million or billion dollar company. These webinars provide education on contemporary business issues and provide a “behind the curtain” look at how other fast growth entrepreneurs have scaled. Ample time is allocated at the end of each webinar for live Q&A from Members.

Invitation to bi-monthly Oxford Commerce Dinners

Commerce Dinners have become a cornerstone of our relationship-building strategy among Members. Commerce Dinners bring 12-24 Members together and are hosted by top restaurants and sponsors. The networking value is enormous. Commerce Dinners are about connecting people and overcoming challenges by having other brilliant people in the room.

Each Commerce Dinner has a set topic for intense discussion and mix personal with professional to dig below the surface. Participants discuss everything from a family struggle to the challenge of hiring a world class CFO. These intense conversations lead to deeper connections.


Oxford 7S Strategic Review at your office

We come to you. Our in-person 7S Strategic Review by an Oxford Growth Advisor examines your company’s growth plan in relation to our 7S model. We help you identify holes that need to be filled and potholes that can be avoided. The 7S Strategic Review provides Members with a blueprint and enhanced growth plan for their business for the next 12 months. Members that have received a 7S Strategic Review have increased their annual revenue substantially and added jobs at a fast-growth rate. We remove location as a barrier so wherever you are in the country, we’ll best advise you for growth.


The fastest growing demand for entrepreneurs is the need to have an intimate strategic session for real problems that every CEO entrepreneur faces. These groups are invitation only and composed of 8-12 hand-selected Members.

The purpose of bi-monthly SuperGroup meetings are to gather as both a confidential and collaborative group of CEO advisors for each other. You will be asked to seek and give insight to fellow Members on tough issues that directly impact you as the leader of your business.

  • “I hired a Number 2 Who Can’t Do, so now what do I do?”
  • “I have to fire my CFO, so how do I break this to the banks?”
  • “Has anyone hired a National Sales Director and know what I should look for?”
  • “I’m working day and night, and my spouse doesn’t understand why. How do I explain?”
  • “I received an offer for my company. What should I do?”

Every SuperGroup Member has the opportunity to present his or her biggest thoughts, problems and ideas at each meeting, and then report on progress and changes

SuperGroup Membership includes all Premier level benefits.


Elevate is a exclusive, high end coaching group with a 12 month curriculum for Oxford Members exclusively focused on business growth. Elevate is personally led by Cliff Oxford, Founder of Oxford Center and Adam Witty, Founder & CEO of Advantage|ForbesBooks and CEO of Oxford Center and Richard Kopelman, CEO of Aprio. We work with leaders on myriad topics related to growth and scale. From strategy & execution, to sales & marketing, to recruiting, hiring, and firing, to finance & capital allocation, and many more topics.

Membership includes:

  • Module-based curriculum focused on “Business Growth & Scale” delivered over 12 months
  • Three 2-day meetings over 12 months (January, May, September meeting each year)
  • VIP guest expert at every meeting
  • Business growth blueprints and templates shared at every meeting
  • Hot seats and group mastermind at each meeting
  • Networking & fun at each meeting with a select “Behind the Scenes” experience
  • Audio recordings from each meeting
  • Member Concierge, Member Directory, private Facebook group to facilitate networking and connections among Members.

The Elevate 12-module Curriculum:

  • Shared Values: Identifying the “Big Idea” around your business that scales and can command high enterprise value. Core Purpose and Core Values. Building a 7-S strategy for your business that is uncopyable
  • Shared Values:Building your personal life plan and ensuring the big idea around your business enhances and drives the personal plan you have for your life and your family
  • Strategy: Understanding the many models of growth. Determining how to invest time and resources in the model that has the highest odds of providing the dividends you desire
  • Strategy: Begin with the end in mind. Discussing exit possibilities: IPO, sale to strategic, sale to private equity, legacy family business, etc. and how to design and operate your business to deliver the outcome you want
  • Structure: How to create “scalability” in everything that you and your company do
  • Systems: Building your Relentless Implementation Plan, deploying it companywide, and monitoring performance with Business Plan Review
  • Systems: How to capitalize your business for growth. How to understand and monitor financials to proactively capitalize on the opportunities at hand and not run out of money
  • Style/Culture: Creating the Best Place to Work. Building a culture where your people look forward to Monday
  • Style/Culture: Growing Leaders that Grow Your Company. Direction and accountability for mid level managers that drive business performance
  • Staff: Building an A-Team: recruiting, hiring, onboarding, growing, measuring, exiting
  • Staff: #2 Who Can Do: how to find and integrate a COO whom you can productively work with and who can drive the implementation of your vision and growth plan
  • Skills: Creating a “Learning Organization.” Creating career path plans and professional development plans for each team member so the company doesn’t outgrow its people

Elevate meets 3x per year for 2 days per meeting. Elevate meetings are held in January, May, and September of each year. Elevate meetings are typically held on a Tuesday and Wednesday and all meetings are hosted in Atlanta, GA.

Meet Your Strategic Advisor

Cliff Oxford

As the founder of Oxford Center for Entrepreneurs, Cliff Oxford encourages economic development by helping entrepreneurs. Cliff started at UPS where he developed an advanced help-desk system recognized for saving the company more than $250 million in its first year. In 1995, Cliff founded STI Knowledge, an international IT company that made the Inc. 500 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America three years in a row.

After selling the company, Cliff started Emory University’s executive M.B.A. program and is now the proud founder of the Oxford at Brenau Entrepreneur M.B.A. Program.

Cliff is also a highly recognized blogger on business, marketing and Entrepreneurship for Forbes and The New York Times. He is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs survive the pitfalls of fast growth by focusing on what to know, how to grow and when to exit businesses successfully.