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Oxford Entrepreneurs is a membership organization that brings together second stage and high growth CEO Entrepreneurs interested in accelerating their growth through education, shared insights and commerce connections that push their thinking and businesses forward.

In addition to live calls and online video chats, we support our members with no-nonsense education seminars led by our founder, Cliff Oxford and feature leading CEOs that have grown multi-million and billion dollar companies. These events provide education on contemporary business issues as well as forums for a diverse range of business leaders to share their insights and challenge each other.

We also provide M&A services for Entrepreneurs who need expert help to move quickly and safely through the process of selling their company or acquiring another company. We manage M&A activities as Entrepreneurs, not investment bankers, to help them successfully exit or make strategic acquisitions.

Member Benefits

from $9.99/mth

Introductions to Business Connections

Weekly Industry Expert Calls

360 Member Profile Connections

Access Oxford Reports (Entrepreneurial Insights, Forecasts and Cultural/Political Trends)

Participate in Online Video Chats

Up to 50% discount at Ritz-Carlton US Business Hotels

Member Upgrade Options

RoundTable Events


Round Table Events

RoundTable events are no-nonsense education seminars led by our founder, Cliff Oxford and feature leading CEOs that have grown multi-million and billion dollar companies. These events provide education on contemporary business issues, as well as forums for a diverse range of business leaders to share their insights and challenges.

Every RoundTable includes food from one of our sponsored members. As well, each event starts with music to set the rock and roll Entrepreneur mindset. RoundTable events are featured at modern innovative workspaces- ROAM, Lifetime Fitness, Porsche Headquarters, Atlantic Station and other fast growing companies.



The fastest growing demand for Entrepreneurs is the need to have an intimate strategic session for real problems that every rock and roll Entrepreneur faces. These groups are invitation only and composed of 12 hand-selected CEO members.

Super Groups were created based on three very vital abilities that are in business: the ability to grow the size of your company, the ability to grow your company at a fast rate or your ability to make sells that places you among our successful legacy sales members.

The purpose of these meetings will be to gather as both a confidential and collaborative group of CEO Advisors for each other. For example, you will be able to seek and give advice to the group on tough questions that directly impact you as the leader of your business.

  • “I hired a Number 2 Who Can’t Do, so now what do I do?”
  • “I have to fire my CFO, so how do I break this to the banks?”
  • “Has anyone hired a National Sales Director and know what I should look for?”
  • “I’m working day and night, and my spouse doesn’t understand why. How do I explain?”
  • “I received an offer for my company. What should I do?”

Every CEO has the opportunity to present his or her biggest thoughts, problems and ideas at each meeting, and then report on progress and changes between the meetings.  Also, each meeting will end with a special outside guest speaker on a fascinating personal growth topic designed to help Entrepreneurial leaders.

The SuperGroup involvement fee is $5,000 per year. It covers meeting logistics, meals and materials. While we will work to get great group rates, group members are responsible for stay and travel. This fee also covers membership dues for 2016.

Every SuperGroup member will be required to sign an NDA so that all are comfortable sharing both personal and corporate information.

“My idea and vision for this group is to be a special chapter in American business on how CEOs can turn to each other to get to the next level, rather than hiring outside consultants and coaches.”

Cliff Oxford, Founder/Strategic Advisor

Commerce Dinners


A classic way for fast-growth Entrepreneurs to become connectors is over food.

Commerce Dinners have become a cornerstone of our personal relationship-building strategy among members.

Commerce Dinners involve 20 people and are hosted by our top restaurant members and sponsors. The networking value is enormous. The goal isn’t simply to roll up new contacts for members. Commerce Dinners are about connecting with people and helping with challenges by having other brilliant people in the room.

At Oxford, we believe in the power of networking dinners. In an era of the quick coffee-grab, having the opportunity to linger with members for two or three hours is a powerful way to get to know others and build meaningful relationships.

Each Commerce Dinner brings together a group of fellow business Entrepreneurs with a set topic, so we can talk shop about the topic and ancillary lines of business. Each dinner is a mix – longtime members to catch up with and new members we want to know more about. Each dinner is capped at 20 people, so each member can emerge feeling as though they’ve gotten to know everyone present.

One secret of the dinners is mixing the personal with the professional and digging below the surface. With participants mentioning everything from a family struggle to the challenge of how to hire a good sales manager, the intense conversations lead to deeper connections.

Strategic On-Site Advisory Assessment


Our strategic advisement platform matches fast-growth Entrepreneurial business owners with strategic advisors who provide proven strategies to help their business excel to the next level. Entrepreneurs receive the support they need to scale, including RoundTable events, SuperGroup meetings, promotional opportunities and access to our Oxford membership platforms.

Through Oxford Entrepreneurs, your company will be paired with the right advisor that fits your industry and level of growth. We have hundreds of fast-growth Entrepreneurs from all industries and areas of expertise. Our advisors are active professionals from every industry and Fortune 500 companies.

Companies working with Oxford Entrepreneurs have increased their annual revenue substantially and added jobs at a fast-growth rate. We remove location as a barrier so wherever you are in the country, we’ll best advise you for growth. The rock and roll Entrepreneurs we work with are fast-growth oriented and  able to create new jobs and innovation.

Exit Advisory Assessment


Every Entrepreneur lives for the challenge of launching their business and idea. But the last thing on their mind upon conception is that decisions at this point have major impact down the road. Starting a business is easy, growing a business worth millions is challenging, but you have to know when and more importantly how to exit- how to get the money back out. This is what rock and roll Entrepreneurs live for- the exit.

The Oxford Exit Path is for those of you who like to plan ahead–and for those of you who don’t but should. “The Exit” is usually the dreaded time for every Entrepreneur and one that is not charted territory. With all of the different options what is best- The “Just Take It” strategy? Liquidation? Acquisition? Or the common IPO- after all they’re sexy, appealing and get all the media attention.

The truth is the Exit should not be complex or stressful. It comes down to the simple question of “stay or sell?” Entrepreneurs have to decide at each peak if they want to sell or go to the next level. The Oxford Exit model is fast just as Entrepreneurs are in their daily business. Our process is unlike any other out there where the business owner wins. We accomplish this in a 6-month window, whereas common belief is that this process should take 2 years. This begins with our membership, then goes into our advisory process, and finally ends with our exit strategy- Plan. Market. Close.



Oxford Entrepreneurs Sponsorship includes:

  • Commerce connections to members
    • Follow‐up meetings for member engagements
    • Private breakfast, lunches and dinners
    • Introductions Industry‐Specific Leaders and Decision Makers
  • Sponsorship recognition at all Oxford Entrepreneurs Meetings and Events
    • Logo on event marketing, content and presentations including RoundTable Events, Commerce Dinners, Educational Events, Stay or Sell Seminars, Video Chats, Oxford Report, Hot Seat, Oxford Mailed Packets (potential benefit/educational insert in packets as well)
    • Pre‐Selected reserved seating at RoundTable Events.
  • Admission tall Oxford Entrepreneurs Meetings and Events
    • CEO RoundTable Events, Commerce Dinners, Educational Events, Stay or Sell Seminars, VideoChats, and Private Deal‐Making Dinners, and Atlanta Harvard Business School Leadership Series Breakfasts
    • Can bring up to two guests to each Oxford Entrepreneurs function
  • Admission to Annual National Conference
    • Marketing exhibitor at annual conference
    • Eligibility for Oxford Entrepreneurs Fast Growth Awards
  • Sponsor Logo on Oxford Entrepreneurs website and Oxford at Brenau University website
  • Access to Forbes and Oxford Blogging Platforms with Editing Expertise
  • P3 (Preferred Partners Program) Application
    • Receive Insider Information on Business Openings and Expansions
    • Ability to be the sole preferred partner in your industry
  • Oxford Report (Entrepreneurial Insights, Business Forecasts and Cultural/Political Trends)
  • Immediate Alerts and Access to Cliff Oxford’s Forbes and New York Times Blogs
  • Unlimited Discounts (38% ‐ 50%) at The Ritz‐Carlton US Business Hotels

Licensed Platform Partner

$50,000 one-time fee then 20% of LPP revenue

Networking as an Entrepreneur is critical and the fastest way to success in growing your business. Strategic Partners are the elite level members of Oxford Entrepreneurs. These are companies and CEO’s who have been in the trenches with the group, learned the Oxford Platform and now possess the ability to live the rock and roll Entrepreneur way.

This is invitation only and members who provide services through their business that are critical to growth and selling. All Strategic Partners embrace the Oxford culture and it shows in every aspect of their business and life.

Without effective leadership, a company is without direction

A company is complex. Sales Strategy, Operations, and Culture are all interdependent. Improvement in one area has a ripple effect on the others. Management must balance changes in all three areas in order to implement high impact improvements. By using a balanced approach, management can ensure successful execution of their strategy.

There is a difference between “Growth” and “Sustainable Growth.”

Too often companies become complacent because they are witnessing a steady growth in business. While on the surface this looks good, it can blind management to key improvements that are required for long-term growth. Once the growth period stalls, management looks for a quick solution instead of a sustainable one.

Whether you’re a 10 million or over a 100 million dollar company, you must have continuous improvement for sustainable growth.

We look at the complete picture of your company and identify areas of improvement and offer attainable solutions. We train, mentor and coach your managers to perform better and to understand the company’s goals and practices so everyone has a clear vision of the future.

We look at all three strategic drivers and how a change in one will affect the others. This is the way true consulting works, or at least should.